chapter 1


The historical Castello San Basilio initially called “Castello dell’Appio” was built around the 7th century by the Greek-Byzantine monks and became fief in the second half of the 11th century thanks to Robert (or Roger) the Norman.


square tower

The entire building is dominated by the square tower of King Roger I of Sicily who built it to control the disembarkations on the Gulf of Taranto. There is still the alarm bell on the terrace in the event of an invasion.

art exhibition

By walking 72 steps of a spiral staircase, you have access to a room dating back to the 20th century and renovated in the 1980s that houses part of the private permanent exhibition of modern and abstract art consisting of works of great value.


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the berlingieri family

In 1893 the Estate San Basilio was purchased by the Berlingieri family, currently still the owner. In the following photo you can see the entrance door to the noble floor where the Berlingieri family still lives.

il castello today


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The artistic and historical relevance of Castello has been fundamental to the events and weddings scene, as it has brought new innovations never before seen in the industry.


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Since a few decades Castello San Basilio has become the privileged place for weddings and events of all kinds, but firstly it was the dwelling of monks, monarchs and rich people all shrouded in a cloud of legends and prophecies too.


The nobles Berlingieri entrusted the event management to Vito and his wife Rossella. Thanks to their excellent listening and organisational skills, they are able to write the beautiful fairy tale of a dream wedding whose privileged protagonists are their spouses as caring authors thoughtfully do with their own works. The spouses are always followed step by step throughout the organisation and realisation of their memorable day.


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Thanks to their high expertise, Vito and Rossella dispose of a young and very passionate team that makes the wedding simply perfect.


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The spouses are always guided and recommended with proposals that meet their needs, because our primary goal is to satisfy their expectations and see them enthusiastic for the successful outcome and we do our best to pursue it.

the location

Castello San Basilio is located on a small hill between the Basento and Cavone rivers in Marina di Pisticci, a city in the province of Matera, and it is considered one of the most important historical buildings in Basilicata. You can reach it in less than an hour by car from Matera, the “City of Sassi”, proclaimed European Capital of Culture in 2019.

Not just a place...
of attraction

Whoever comes from one of the municipalities in the province of north Cosenza or north Taranto can easily reach Castello, because it is only 1 km from the Ionian SR 106. All the municipalities of Basilicata are facilitated too, because the most important thoroughfares of the region such as Basentana’s State Route, Val D’Agri and Sinnica all merge into the Ionian SR 106.

Therefore, the location is great for everyone who comes from Taranto, Potenza, Matera and Cosenza and the respective provinces of these cities.

Since 2019, Castello San Basilio has become a place dedicated to research and artistic experimentation, made even more exclusive by the annual visit of artists invited to produce new works for exhibition.

Sheida Soleimani, Pillars of Industry
Nour El Saleh in the studio.

Therefore, Castello hosts an audience of international judges, experts in the field of art, who evaluate the works on display, promoting artistic and cultural debates that also concern the history of the host site.

Castello particularly presents a gallery of works of art by artists such as Ugo Rondinone, Sheida Soleimani, Nour El Saleh and Nicolás Said.

Ugo Rondinone, Dreams and Dramas


you just have to come and try!