chapter 5


Castello is the ideal location not only for weddings, but also for corporate events, ceremonies, art exhibitions and cultural meetings, seminars, workshops, business meetings and conferences and much more.


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Our welcoming location is also perfect for private events, such as gala dinners, cocktail parties, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and much more.

Serenity and relax

Our staff will support you in all your requests and/or problems to ensure the organisation and conduct of your event in an optimal way, in absolute serenity and relax.


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In addition, Castello offers comfortable accommodation where you can stay in our partner accommodation facilities in the days before or after each event, depending on your needs.


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business event

An American business event on a tequila launch took place at Castello. Guests stayed for three days without troubling themselves at all.

Xaman' event

On the first day they had dinner, on the second they held the event, and on the third they arrived at a catering service at the magnificent Badlands and enjoyed an inspiring experience in total relax.


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No worry

Do not worry about the rest, because our qualified staff will take care of the organisation by offering you all the services you can use, from the shuttle service to get your guests comfortably and the makeup and hairdressing of the birthday girl to the babysitting and animation service for children to let adults celebrate in peace.


you just have to come and try!