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destination wedding

Southern Italy has always been a destination of excellence for the celebration of enviable weddings of famous international celebrities, because of its ancient and characteristic landscapes, as well as its typically comfortable Mediterranean climate.

For example, the footballer Graziano Pellé and the model Viktoria Varga chose a historic farmhouse near the city of Ostuni, commonly known as the “White City”. Lena Headey, the protagonist of “Game of Thrones” and her husband Dan Cadan got married in the beautiful city of Monopoli.


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Castello San Basilio is also an attractive location chosen by people, famous or not, who come from far away thanks to a series of advantages added to the Lucanian Destination Wedding landscape.



It is one of the few mediaeval castles in Italy still used today for holding events, first and foremost weddings.


The proximity to Bari’s airport, one of the most important international airports in Southern Italy.


The on-site presence of high-quality accommodation facilities such as the adjacent agritourism “Il Filaro”.

Culinary experience

We offer refined cuisine, never banal, innovative, rich in colours and flavours. Moreover, at the a la carte restaurant “Antica Pesa del Castello” you can continue to delight your guests with local food revisited by young chefs who give free rein to many new and imaginative ideas.


you just have to come and try!